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So you have decided that you want to Buy or Sell a property. The decision to do so may have been a challenging one but at Humphrey & Co Estates we understand that the process of any sale can be daunting and when mishandled can also be a stressful one. Let us alleviate you of the pressure and help make the process of buying or selling a property as stress-free as possible.

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So, why use Humphrey & Co. Estates?

The three agreements we offer are

  1. Sole Agency Agreement - Humphrey & Co Estates will be the only agent selling your property during the term of the contract, which allows us to offer you exclusive marketing of your property.
  2. Dual Agency Agreement - Humphrey & Co Estates and one other agent will be selling your property.
  3. Multi Agency Agreement - Your property will be instructed with Humphrey & Co Estates as well as several other estate agents, but only the agent that sells your property is entitled to receive commission on completion.

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12 Simple Steps from Visit Valuation to Completion

  1. Visit Valuation - An experienced Valuer will give your property a market appraisal using comparable evidence, local knowledge and current market trends. The valuer will compile Floor plan diagrams, marketing photographs along with a detailed description of the property.
  2. Choose a Bespoke Service - Our Sales Team can help you decide on the bespoke service that best suits your requirements.
  3. Marketing - All properties that are instructed with Humphrey & Co Estates are marketed on our company website, all online portals along with targeted email campaigns and sale boards.
  4. Accompanied Viewings - All viewings are organised and attended by experienced sales negotiators with potential buyers. The negotiators aim to deliver feedback within 48 hours of each scheduled viewing.
  5. Offer Notification - As company policy a member from the Sales Team will notify the vendor in writing of ALL offers within 48 hours of receiving the offer.
  6. Offer Accepted - All accepted offers will then be sent out confirmation of the acceptance in writing to the buyer.
  7. Instruct Solicitors - In order to progress the sale, a proficient and experienced solicitor will need to be instructed by both the seller and the buyer. We can offer both parties recommendations if required.
  8. Memorandum Of Sale - This document is sent to both the sellers and buyers solicitor to enable legal communication with all parties involved in the Sale/purchase of a property.
  9. Draft Contracts - The draft contract is sent out by the seller's solicitor to the buyer's solicitor to review any queries and arrange for the survey to be made.
  10. Searches - The buyers Solicitor will apply for searches to be undertaken on the property that is being sold. This is to check for secured loans and any other encumbrances registered against the Title Deed. Searches disclose any county planning plans close by that may affect the value, health and safety aspect or the desirability of your property to the buyer. Any enquiries raised about the results of the searches are dealt with by the buyer and sellers solicitors.
  11. Exchange Of Contracts - This is the point that the Sale becomes legally binding, i.e. both parties have agreed to the terms of the Contract of Sale, a date for completion is set, and the buyer will normally pay a deposit to the seller, this is done through Solicitors and the funds are transferred from the buyers solicitors account to the sellers solicitors account.
  12. Completion - This is when the buyer's solicitor confirms that the agreed money is in the sellers solicitors account and the keys will then be handed over to the buyer.
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